Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists


About Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists


The purpose of the association is to:

1. Provide a forum for soil scientists
2. Promote and enhance communication with other technical disciplines
3. Serve as a body of opinion on matters relating to soil properties (pedology) including mapping,

4. Classification, and interpretation of soils
5. Promote certification as a L.P.S.S. to any qualified individual, for an application contact—

Commonwealth of Virginia, DPOR, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400, Richmond, VA 23233; (804)367-8500


A body of qualified professionals:

1. Persons trained in accurate identification and interpretation of soil properties, and dedication to the wise use and management of soil resources.
2. A body of qualified professionals, available to assist: County, Municipal, and State Agencies; Planning Commissions; Engineers; Utility Companies; Farmers; Highway Builders; Architects; Foresters; Home Builders; Youth Groups; Conservationists; Land Developers; Home Owners; School Teachers; Sanitation Engineers; Land Appraisers; and Others.

"Everyone benefits from the application of accurate soils information."


1. If qualified, professional recognition through the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation Certification as a Virginia Licensed Professional Soil Scientists L.P.S.S. - subsequent listing in the Directory of Licensed Professional Soil Scientists if desired.
2. An organization dedicated to the professionalism of its membership.
3. An organization qualified to evaluate technical and scientific procedure and practices and to make recommendations when needed.
4. A procedure for developing and disseminating technical information.
5. A means of communication with fellow soil scientists.
6. A voice in shaping policy.


The Licensed Professional Soil Scientists has devoted a career to learning about soils. They have a minimum of baccalaureate degree in soil science or some closely related discipline. They have made an approved application through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation Board of Professional Soil Scientists, passed the L.P.S.S. exam or been granted waiver through reciprocity or experience. In addition, years of intensive training and study of soils in the field and in the laboratory have given them an insight into the nature and properties of soils and their potential behavior.

Hundreds of different soils occur in Virginia . Often, soils patterns are complex, with several contrasting soils occurring within an area as small as a single residential building lot. These varied soils require different use and management practices in order to utilize the soils to their maximum potential and to avoid costly soil related problems.

The LICENSED PROFESSIONAL SOIL SCIENTISTS has the skill and experience to identify these soils, to understand their patterns and make a valid land use interpretation.


VAPSS members subscribe to a strict code of ethical behavior based on personal integrity, honesty, justice and courtesy. Specific guidelines have been established for professional conduct through VAPSS and L.P.S.S.

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