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Select your membership category below and options for donations the the VA Tech Soil Judging Team and Edmonds Scholarship Fund

Regular – A person interested in the purposes and objectives of VAPSS, and receiving approval by majority of the Board. Eligible to vote. There are separate requirements for holding office.


Government Employees

Available to individuals employed by Federal, State, or Local governments



A person pursuing a college degree in soil science or related field. May not vote or hold office


Optional Donation to the VA Tech Soil Judging Team – National and International Champions

National and International Champions Individuals have to raise their own funds to participate


Optional Donation to the Bill Edmonds Scholarship Fund


Members who have unpaid dues on March 31 of each calendar year will be removed from the membership list and must reapply for membership.

Make your checks payable to VAPSS.  Click here for a PDF form to complete and mail with your check.

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